Your Safest ID Verification App
Verify yourself online with ease, and retain full control over who accesses your data and when
Easily verify your identity online and prevent fraud by using NFC & OCR to scan your document's chip.
Securely store your documents in our app and decide who can access your data and when.
Revolutionising ID
Next-Gen ID Verifications: paving the way forward
Imagine a world where your passport, driver's license, and more are at your fingertips, without the bulk of physical documents. The next time you're asked for verification, access your PangeaPass, and experience a seamless journey.
How it works?
Pangea Pass streamlines identity verification. Capture your passport or other documents through a single smartphone scan, storing them securely in your profile. Whether you're boarding a plane or renting a car, a quick QR code sharing ensures seamless and protected transactions.
1. Add your documents
2. Reuse your Digital ID
Experience seamless identity verification and secure data management.
Identity Empowerment
Your Data, Your Rules
Just imagine effortlessly verifying your identity for digital transactions, while your crucial documents rest safely in our fortified vault. Take command of your personal data, all accessible at your fingertips, wherever you are.
PangeaPass Advantages
Verify your identity for digital transactions with ease.
Effortless Verification
Decide who accesses your data and when, putting you in charge.
Personalized Data Control
Access and verify your identity from any device, anywhere.
Seamless Access
Safeguard essential documents in one secure vault.
Secure Your Documents
At PangeaPass, your data isn't stored on external servers. Your data is stored directly on your device for maximum security. Your personal information remains under your control, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your digital interactions.
Your data stays on your phone
With PangeaPass, you decide who accesses your data. Businesses seeking your information send requests directly to you, and you have the authority to accept or decline.
This means you always know who's requesting your data and can make informed choices about sharing it. Your data remains in your hands, giving you the ultimate control over your digital privacy.
Take Control of Data Access
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